About Us

Legal Guardian provides accessible and cost-effective legal support for individuals and organizations in need, including travelers, expats, digital nomads, recent immigrants, groups, tour operators, and companies.

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to worry about legal problems while traveling. But we all know that when you go to another country or live abroad, things can get complicated and unpredictable. That’s where Legal Guardian comes in. We have a network of lawyers all over the world who can provide affordable and reliable legal help to international travelers.

Having a lawyer by your side has become a normal part of life nowadays. Whether you’re an experienced expat, a recent immigrant, or just someone going on a trip, you know that legal issues can pop up unexpectedly and cause a lot of trouble. That’s why it’s important to have immediate legal assistance.

Our legal help is there for you when you need to deal with paperwork or resolve a dispute in a foreign country. Our local lawyers are skilled and experienced, so they can handle these issues quickly and effectively.

Our network and this program is built, serviced and administered by Legaroo and distribution of Legal Guardian, subscription legal assistance program is from Insured Nomads Corporation, a fully remote and globally distributed award-winning traveltech and insurtech provider of assistance and insurance.

The program benefit of InstaPass is a travel assistance benefit of Insured Nomads administered by Collinson Group, and cybersecurity benefits on annual plan purchases are provided by McAfee.

Legal Guardian
Legal Guardian